The 7 best private jets you can buy today

Apparently, today, nothing can stop the market for private jet sales.

Despite the high cost of these planes and fuel, customer waiting lists for the latest private jets and others to be launched continue to grow, and almost every major aviation company, in general, has put one of their newest models on the market or they plan to do so this year.

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Buying a private plane is, in effect, buying a time machine that allows you to speed up domestic and international travel by hours, or turn a four-hour car trip into one of just 20 minutes. This is why, even as some companies like NetJets and Wheels Up try to convince travelers to buy fractional aircraft shares, majority ownership of a private jet remains a more viable product.

Here are 7 of the best private jets available now or soon to be pre-ordered:

7. Cessna Skycatcher

Cessna Skycatcher

The "Cessna Skycatcher" is a two-seater Light-sport aircraft (LSA) with a high wing design supported by struts. It is the newest general aviation aircraft in Cessna's production line, with a target market for training flights and personal use.

Price: $ 149,900 (€ 128,115)

Range: 440 nautical miles

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6. Icon A5 Amphibious Light Sport

Icon A5 Amphibious Light Sport


The A5 is a monoplane type high wing seaplane with a carbon fiber fuselage and retractable landing gear. It accommodates two people in an enclosed cabin and is powered by a single 100 HP (75 kW) Rotax 912 ULS engine driving a three-bladed propeller.

Dornier-style floats provide hydrodynamic stability, housing the main landing gear that is retractable, and acts as a passageway for the crew and passengers. The wings can be folded back for ground transportation and storage.

Price: $ 189,000 (€ 162,995)

Range: 300 nautical miles

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