Top 5 Most Expensive Cars Existing Today

As far as humankind is concerned, let alone the universe, cars are a relatively recent phenomenon. Designers did a great deal to make cars that exceed almost every boundary, with just over 100 years below our feet as a community.

If it's power, comfort, size, or design, there's always a car which moves us further by taking it to the maximum and its selling price by proxy. The cost of most expensive cars is over $1 million.

Below are the top 5 most expensive/luxurious vehicles, and these multi-million-dollar cars have to be exceptional in today's competitive marketplace to be where they are.


  • Barchetta's Pagani Zonda HP ($17.5 million)

Barchetta's Pagani Zonda HP ($17.5 million)

By itself, the Pagani Zonda is a vehicle we recognize as epic and iconic in luxury cars' history. Stats entirely distinct style, spectacular Mercedes-Benz 7.3 liter V-12, and excellent performance have earned it the status of a classic and a legend. That provides the best way for a car such as the HP Barchetta to do it well.

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The HP Barchetta features rear wheels partially covered by a carbon fiber panel and a roofless (and almost windshield-less) exterior theme. Thus, the Barchetta name, rendering it the most expensive car's genuinely worthy design ( pricing around $17.5 million) ever made. As if the Zonda were not face-melting already.

  • Rolls-Royce Sweptail ($13 million)

Rolls-Royce Sweptail ($13 million)

The distinguishing characteristic and namesake of the Sweptail is the tapered rear end, reasonably conveying a yacht, and the feeling of sheer pleasure and comfort, something only a Rolls Royce can bring. 

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The Sweptail is very much like a yacht, except maybe much finer, because they price it like one ($13 million), with a glass roof that stretches from front to back, and wood and leather furnishing almost every interior surface.


  • La Voiture Noire by Bugatti ($12.5 million)

La Voiture Noire by Bugatti ($12.5 million)

This remarkable one-off the iconic Type 57 Atlantic shaped exclusive Bugatti from the earlier years of Bugatti. Bugatti tried to capture the Atlantic's elegance and mysticism, but most notably, the promise of the perfect automobile.

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La Voiture Noire is peculiar to its heart, with characteristics that mimic the old Atlantic, such as six tailpipes and a dorsal seam from across the center.


  • Centodieci Bugatti ($9 Million)

A contribution to a timeless classic is the Bugatti Centodieci: the EB110. Blended with Bugatti's body of work presently, the 200+ mph symbol of the 90s can only account for a pretty spectacular, one-of-a-kind, and inevitably expensive model.

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Only 10 of those are there, which is disappointing because nostalgia shouldn't be the only excuse why Centodieci is exceptional. On the Chiron, it strengthens, losing almost 45 pounds and introducing engine power.


  • Divo of Bugatti ($5.9 million)

The Divo is almost as intense as any of their vehicles have ever been, as though Bugatti's ranges were not dramatic enough. 

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Although Bugattis are renowned for being automobiles that in a single direction achieve tremendous speed, they have designed the Bugatti Divo to conquer in the turns as well, and this is exactly what it does. 


With an elongated, more aerodynamic body increased downforce and 1.6 Gs of lateral acceleration, it is doing wonders on the road. We had no idea that things could take a step in the right direction, with Bugatti still being at the top of the list of excellence.

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