Top 5 Tech Brands to Transform the Luxury Market

A new generation of luxury players is now offering privileged shoppers a variety of products and services resulting from advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Augmented Reality. 

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Interestingly, a few of the core concepts of luxury, exclusivity, and exemplary, personalized service, are once again highlighted by this disturbance.


  • Keyyes


Keyyes is an AI-based app that acts as a 21st-century concierge service, describing itself as:

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 "The world's first luxury marketplace that combines both high-end products and services into one ecosystem."


Behind it is Sarment, which is a lifestyle service provider supported by Paolo Bulgari of the jewelry dynasty. Keyyes will allow people to:


  • Purchase private jets, 
  • Urgent table books at any exclusive restaurant, 
  • Road test the newest supercar, 
  • Take a personal trip to an art show, or 
  • Attend premium fashion designer's workshop at a fashion studio,


All these facilities are offered to the customer with just a push of a button.


  • Wheely


Does Wheely, which has experienced 100% growth since January, consider himself a disruptor? "Definitely," her spokeswoman said. "Wheely has come up with a glorious ride-hailing, and now our chauffeurs, who have to pass examinations, are highly regarded."

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Once someone decided to take the Uber business plan and decided to move it upmarket, it was just a matter of time. 


Anton Chirkunov is a 29-year-old man. Wheely offers executive chauffeur-driven vehicles, including the E-, S- and V-Class Mercedes, none of it is upwards of 3 years.


  • Hawk Yacht

Hawk Yacht

"The superyacht industry has reached a tipping point," says Matthias Bosse, CEO of the company. "It is renowned for building highly-priced yachts with minimal capacity and high maintenance expenses, which may be why a yacht is owned by just two percent of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Our yachts offer several of the most spectacular and exotic spots that are usually only accessible by boat within the world".

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A budget-friendly superyacht trip? Well, it is not merely cheap, but Hawk Yachts is lowering expenses by up to 50 percent in this very conventional world by investing in industrial shipyards instead of just using the renowned superyacht yards.


  • Luxury Caves

"Our audience is extremely wealthy people who are bored with the current offer of luxury," says creator Darren Miller. "These days, the word 'luxury' is so overused, so we've hired a panel of experts who can curate our members' very best items and services."

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Luxury Cave is based on four pillars, presenting itself as a "luxury ecosystem" and targeted wealthy individuals. 


  • The first one is a customized series for online sales of special releases, capsule collections, and rare items.


  • Second, an excellent life publication regarding the ethical lifestyle and recycling. 


  • The third pillar is a travel agent service that offers exposure to the finest restaurants and activities that are paid. 


  • The fourth one is a set of activities, beginning with a unique display at the Design Museum in February, highlighting the finest arts.


People may also customize their high-performance cars online, for example, and have them shipped straight from the warehouse.




The director of logistics at a major fashion PR states that "WORLDNET helps the unimaginable come to reality miraculously."


You might not have discovered this one yet, but this was the company that shipped the bridal gown of the Duchess of Sussex from the Givenchy workshop in Paris to Windsor, carrying Anna Wintour's dresses to whatever fashion brand she was attending for the shows.

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