In the year 2006 brand equity firms released the top 100 most brands report. The ranking of brands basically depends on its contribution of dollars in business. Recent report for top most brands was released in June 2020. Top ten luxury brands are following

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  1.     PRADA:


The first Prada store opened in 1913 in Italy and Milan.  The brand includes jewelry, travelling handbags, selling handbags and other goods. Primarily the brand does not have any foot wear, clothing for women. Currently the company is owned by Patrizio Bert Elli who earns at double digit rate.

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  1.   BURBERRY:


The brand is under the name of Thomas Burberry. He was just 21 year old boy when he establishes a brand in 1856 in London. It was the inventor of the tough, water-proof gabardine materials. The brand was offering luxury clothes used by Queen Elizabeth to Barak Obama and Beyoncé.

  1.     YVES Saint Laurent:

YVES Saint Laurent:

 The brand is also under the name of French designer Yves Saint Laurent. The brand was established in 1961. Early on, it was selling men’s and women’s ready to wear apparel and it was famous for making tuxedo suits for females. Later on, its selling includes luxurious goods for men and women.

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  1.     Christian Dior:

  Christian Dior

The brand was established by French designer Christian Dior in 1947 in Paris. Initially brand was named as New look. Early on its selling includes full skirts, waists and tight fitting jackets for females. Now a days it includes leather goods, make jewelry, fragrance and skincare products.

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  1.         Cartier:


It was opened by Louis Francois Cartier young Persian. He was a watchmaker, he bought his small work shop for selling watches. Later on, he started his brand by opening a boutique, by selling watches and jewelry. After him the brand pass on to Louis’s son and then grandson. Today the brand is owned by Financier Richmond 

  1.     ROLEX:


Rolex was invented by Hans Wilsdorf in London. He was a watchmaker. He named the brand Rolex because it can be easily pronounce in any language. Initially brand was selling waterproof wrist watches, later on modifications take place and in 1950 it had started designing watches for professional activities such as deep sea diving, aviation and many more. Today the company is owned by Private Wilsdorf Foundation.

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  1.         GUCCI:


Gucci was established by Tom Ford in 1920 in Florence Italy famous in selling leather goods ready to wear apparel.

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  1.   HERMES:


Hermes is one of the oldest brand established in 1837. The brand start introducing its item by selling small square silk scarf. Today Hermes is most iconic fashion brand in world. Its selling includes leather goods, wristwatches, perfumes, jewelry, ready to wear apparel and many more products. In 2019 the brand auctioned its purses made from white crocodile and palladium.

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  1.   CHANEL:


It was opened by young fashion designer Gabrielle Chanel in 1910 in Paris. Initially it was famous for making hats that was popular in the actresses of that time. In 1921 brand release its signature Chanel NO5 which sold worlds iconic perfumes.  

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Louis Vuitton include in worlds most valuable luxury brand. It was established by Louis Vuitton in 1854. Initially it was popular in travel trunks making. The trunks were popular because of light weight, airtight and has flat top for easy arrangement of stacks. In 1886 the company modify its travel trunks by introducing tumbler lock system. Today Louis Vuitton has known for its original goods, foot wear, leather jackets, handbags, jewelry, perfumes and ready to wear. Today brand is owned by Bernard Arnault who is world’s third richest person after Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. 

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